Saturday, March 19, 2016

Nutrition Labeling

Had the opportunity to visit the same parts of California that I lived exactly 8 years ago for a week last month. Nostalgia trip aside, looks like not much has changed in my neighborhood in the last 8 years. Most of the area looked the same.

Anyway, one thing that I discovered quite interesting was that - almost all restaurants have now started labeling the nutrition content of their foods along with the price. Looks like a law was passed in 2008 and became sort of mandatory since 2011 for restaurants with more than 20 outlets. This is kinda awesome. Now I have 2 parameters to chose my food on - cost and nutrition.

I also discovered that most of the foods that I loved last time around are extremely dense in calories and maybe that was one of the reasons why I struggled with maintaining my weight. Most of my favorite menu items were actually more than my daily calorific requirement!

I think this is a step in the right direction. I subconsciously started choosing healthy menu items in the week that I ate out. I hope we get to see this all over the world soon!

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  1. Hey grease ..longgggggggg time ...nice blogs...Btw do you still remember your good old frnds ..hahah ..Keep writing !!!