Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No Plastic

So we diligently said no to plastics. All the time every time. Anywhere and everywhere. I always carry with me a foldable reusable bag that I use anywhere I go. For bigger groceries, I have a trolley that accompanies me from my home to the mall and back.

All this saying “no” ultimately resulted in we running out of plastic bags absolutely completely at home. Now, for the only reason I used plastic bags (to throw garbage!) I have none. The situation got so bad, that I ended up buying garbage bags.

I am proud of myself and at the same time amazed. Amazed because, despite being so diligent, it took me more than a year to run out of plastic bags. Which means a rare shopper like me (who was anyways very frugal with plastic bags before) had stacked up on more than 300 plastic bags at home. If we try to extrapolate, it’s a scary number to consider worldwide.

I am happy that the Indian Government woke up to this fact and started imposing charges for plastic bags given away by retailers. Though it inconvenienced quite a few people, it is one externality that had to be taxed.

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