Thursday, May 8, 2008

Turn off your computer!

I bet the blog title sounds funny to be coming from me! Yeah, yeah, I did not literally mean turn it off right now! If there is one thing that really irks me off in the office, it has to be the people who never turn off their computers after office hours!! The most common arguments that I have heard from people keeping the computers on at night is:

  • I might have to log in from home!
  • It takes a lot of time to boot my computer in the morning!
  • The life of the computer reduces if it is turned on and off every night :) !!

I couldn't have heard sillier excuses than the ones given above. I understand that people at times do need to log in from home. But most of the times we know before hand if we might need to log in, and it never happens everyday. So much for the first excuse!!

And if someone does believe in the myth that the computer's lifetime reduces because of it being turned on and off everyday, its completely baseless. Keeping the computer on throughout the night however does reduce its lifetime! And most computer equipment today is designed so robust, that it generally out lasts its useful life!

Well, what initiated this post you ask? I came across this article today about 50 ways in which we can help the planet. And I thought I do my bit by blogging about it. Do check out the link, some places we all can contribute!!

50 ways


    paper === Tree
    people dont understand.. i dont understand y???

    we in our team.. use both sides for printing.. even if the report is for the country head..coz he understands..
    i am doing my bit..

    thanks for sharing..

  2. I agree with Vaibhav, paper is also one more resource that we waste in any organization a lot!! Our organization even has the practice of printing a cover page for every printout that we take!! It is indeed a big wastage :(

  3. I think this blog should be posted at all the offices (at least those using Computers).Definitely it takes nothing to switch off the PCs but contributes a lot for the world.These 50 tips would have immeasurable effect in saving the planet...thanks for this valuable info.

  4. I confess I am one of those imbeciles that left their PC on through the night in office...I have pledged not to do it anymore

    Thanks Girish

    (A public confession is no good without a name, so this one is not going to be anonymous :) )

  5. Hehe, good I could influence someone :) !! One less PC is better ...