Monday, January 10, 2011

Celebrity Spotting

So Mumbai is the land of Bollywood. Ironically, in my three decades of existence here, I hardly remember bumping into any Bollywood stars. I am sure if you live in Los Angeles so long you are sure to bump into a couple of Hollywood celebrities.

The reason may be because Bollywood celebrities hang out at places that are prohibitively expensive for common men like me. And thanks to the traffic congestion, I hardly have ever been to the “hep” part of Mumbai where all the celebrities like to party.

So, I am pleasantly surprised that this time around, in less than 2 months in Mumbai, I already bumped into two of them. This guy sipping coffee at a local joint, and this guy at the airport!

Well, I know most of you don’t give a damn even if a celebrity walks by. But these two celebrity encounters have made me realize that I am a true-blue celebrity fan. My heart went all flutter flutter when I saw them (I can only imagine what would happen if I see a starlet!!). Now, I have never really given a thought to what I would do if I actually bump into a celebrity. But this is somewhat how our conversation went:

I give a “Hey, I know you!!” smile. In response I get “So what? Everyone knows me!!” snarl.

I respond with “I like everything that you do and am a crazy fan of yours” look (doesn’t matter that I have hardly seen any of your movies). He responds with a “You are a crazy guy” look.

Finally, I do the “Keep up the good work!!” grin. And he responds with “Yawn!”.

Sometimes I pity celebrities. I am sure everywhere they go people like me must be really getting on their nerves. To add to it, every little move of theirs’ is so closely watched by everyone around them. Can’t even sneakily dig their noses! Probably that's the reason why I never made it to be a celebrity. Should not blame everything on my signature and my last name.

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