Friday, November 12, 2010


For the ignorant few, there is an Integrated Resort in Singapore named Marina Bay Sands. It has got a super awesome swimming pool on the top of the building (57th Floor). I have been to  the top of the building a couple of times, and naturally I felt very tempted to swim there. However swimming in that pool requires that you be their “guest” ( read – spend boat loads of money by booking a hotel room!).

When you got no money to spend, but you still “want” to enjoy the high life, you become – Shameless. So the colleague who got conned, was staying in the same hotel. I figured that the only chance that I had to swim in that pool was to pose as a hotel guest living in the same room as my colleague and then go up there with him. However with my fantastic accent our conversation in office was limited to “Hello?”, “Good morning” and “Wonderful”. Anything more I say and my thick nasal Maharashtrian accent would baffle him out of his wits.

Still I persisted. After various attempts at explaining my wish, I bobbed my head up and down and pretended to breast stroke around the room. Then I pointed upwards to the sky indicating that I wanted to swim in the pool on his hotels’ rooftop. He obviously mistook that action to me referring to birds flying high in the sky. Pat came his reply – “Wonderful”.

Finally, I got another of my colleague (who could speak Chinese – and actually understood my accent) to join us in this adventure. Everything was sorted out. We finally managed to swim in the pool. Am putting some pictures here for you guys to be jealous about. And, before I end, did I tell you that I managed to swim there on 3 different occasions?

Infinity Swimming PoolInfinity Swimming Pool

Infinity Swimming PoolInfinity Swimming Pool

Infinity Swimming PoolInfinity Swimming Pool

I hope you all are green with envy. If you are not, let me remind you – I swam thrice not once!

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  1. You know what...
    to swin in that pool...i wont consider being shameless as even worth mentioning..the pool looks awesome