Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pack like a pro

I don't qualify to be a globe-trotter or a frequent flier as compared to some of you. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t done enough research on the internet on how to pack effectively. Over the years I have graduated from being a clumsy packer (the kind who has to sit on the bag to close it) to a suave one-carry-on-bag light traveller. So what is the secret? To summarise my years of searching on the internet it is – roll your clothes!!

Yes!! Rolling has many advantages. Firstly – clothes occupy significantly lower space in your bag if you roll them. Secondly – packing them up becomes easy, as you can stuff them around your bag in every nook and corner. And finally – rolled clothes wrinkle less in your bag!

So here is Girish’s guide to effective packing -

  1. First keep all heavy items towards the end of your bag where the wheels are on the outside. That way dragging the bag in your airport terminal becomes really easy.
  2. Keep all your non-cloth items like toiletries, electronics and other items at the bottom of the bag (in the centre). Put your shoes in plastic bags and keep their sole touching the sides of the bags.
  3. Gradually fill your rolled clothes around these items. And get astonished yourself!

And here is an excellent video for your viewing pleasure:

How to pack everything in a bag for your vacation!

Here are pictures of (almost) my entire wardrobe rolled and neatly tucked in my bag.

My rolled up wardrobeMy wardrobe in my bag

You could argue that my entire wardrobe is small enough anyway (I could only use so many tents!). Well as compared to some of you it maybe, but I definitely got clothes that can last me for more than 3 weeks.

So this was your lesson on effective packing this week. Now go plan a vacation!

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