Friday, October 15, 2010

Smell like a man!

So what do you do on a sleepless Thursday night? Yeah, browse around YouTube seeing useless videos. Now that I have had my share of videos tonight, I thought I write a blog post about two of them before I go to my bed to toss and turn.

For me, Old Spice reminds me of old people. Its got to do with the fact that it has been around for as long as I have known the concept of an “After Shave”. So if I want to pretend to be young and macho, I shy away from Old Spice. Then, if you are the Sales and Marketing guy for Old Spice what do you do? You come up with an amazingly stupid advertisement that uses Twitter and YouTube, and you got sleepless people sit the entire weekday night going through the videos. I loved the advertisements. They are funny, and they make you wanna go buy the brand again (kudos Old Spice!) . If you have all the time in the world then you should go to this YouTube Channel and watch the rest of them. Else just be happy with this one…

And then imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And if Sesame street does it, it just gets better. So here is Grover from Sesame Street teaching us the word “on” by mimicking the Old Spice man.

And why did I put the Sesame street video here? Well because, I am still a great fan of Elmo and his friends (if you are patient enough, please sit and listen to Elmo’s interview below!) and in the video, Grover is sitting on a cow in the end. And long time readers should always remember my respect for cows here and here :) !! So if I spot a cow, you can rest assured that she is gonna appear on my blog!

And finally if you are too old to remember your muppets its time to go to this webpage and revise them all. I am gonna ask you questions next time when we meet!


  1. don't ask me anyone other than Elmo, Cookie monster and big bird.. I won't remember any other :)

    & hey yea... I do know your love & passion for cows...


  2. Yeah cows rock :) !! I don't remember all my monsters as well. So I have been watching a lot of Sesame street on YouTube lately and getting all nostalgic about them :) !!