Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rebuilding temples

India is caught on the craze of rebuilding temples. Some of the most amazing temples that I visited as a kid have been rebuilt. I don’t get it. Most temples are architectural wonders of their times. They add to the awe of the premises. Rebuilding is destroying our heritage. I understand that the temples were built around the idols of the deity inside and people for all practical purposes go to pray to the deities inside the temples. But I guess, what adds to the sanctity of the temples is their ancient look and their architecture made by countless workers having toiled over years to achieve the perfection that we can derive out of machines in a minute today!

I understand most of them are dilapidated. But isn't it much better to restore them than rebuild? I know restoring would cost a lot more than rebuilding them from scratch, but I bet most big temples have enough money in their “trusts” to afford a restore!

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