Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cardinal Sin

I confess, I have sinned. I have given myself in to gluttony. Not once or twice, but for 3 continuous weeks. That is 15 days and at least 30 cookies down the throat, through my stomach and into the love handles to last me for eternity. I can't resist eating these biscuits and have been eating minimum 2 everyday, each time consoling myself that this is the last one I am ever eating again. I finally decided I confess my sin and tell you guys something about it. I am also putting up a picture of the addiction for all of you to drool over. Amazingly addictive and I bet laden with enough fat and sugar to fuel a gasoline car from New York to San Francisco.

The Forbidden Cookie

I am waiting for the day when scientists discover ways to convert the fat stored in our body to oil. I will be a billionaire overnight…


  1. I think men in depression act like females.. This could be a research study and then accordingly the cosmetics companies can seel stuff to men too...

  2. Looks like this is a sequel to your previous blog :)

  3. Hmm, good observation. Never thought of my eating obsession from that angle. Anyway, I didn't have the cookie today, so I guess I am improving :) !!