Thursday, November 12, 2009


The place where I am interning now used to be an artificial polar bear habitat before. So its not just cold, its freezing. Freezing as in brr…. freezing. And I guess polar bears like it when there is wind chill, so the air conditioner is strategically positioned to give a blast of cold air on my head.

Brrr Is The Word! -- powered by

I carry my winter jacket to office everyday and if that is not enough, now I have to cover my ears and nose as well. So much for sustainability!! Not only are they wasting precious energy cooling a human being as if he is a polar bear but also they are increasing their water and paper consumption.

How you ask? Well, so much cold makes me pee every hour. And peeing is accompanied by flushing, washing and drying hands. So there goes a paper towel, and at least 30 liters of water every hour for minimum of 8 hours. Now you calculate!

That also reminds me that the water taps in the basin are “automatic”. In simple terms they are made extremely difficult to use so that at times you wanna just break the damn tap. The sensors are strategically placed so that no amount of waving your hands in all the weird ways in front of the tap satisfies them. You actually have to do a ceremonial dance in which you put your left hand in (the basin), then the right hand and then wiggle your butt till the tap is happy. Then it sputters an ounce of water on your fingers and shuts itself off till you repeat the sequence again. As you have rightly guessed, I spend more time dancing in the loo than sitting at my place!


  1. I love the video.. :) It's cute.. I am gonna show it to my nephews tonight :-)

    (Soch.. tu aise videos hi rakhta hai jo nephews ko dikhaye jaye)

  2. you know that dance too??... Damn and I thought I was the only one that cracked the code on how to appease the automatic tap..

  3. Hahahha! I miss my neighbour! I hope you are getting a bit warmer. Only the outside is getting colder in Canada. Hang in there, summer is coming and then the polar bear fly North... or was that a different story...

    Cheers ;-)

  4. @Krupa - Yeah I found it cute too, so put it on my blog :) !!

    @Smita - Haha, I hate them. I have never figured out how to use them and I make a fool of myself everywhere I encounter them :) -- so much for being a wanna-be geek. I cant even use taps!

    @Mat - Hey I miss you too my neighbor. Have been following you around the world through your blog though! Keep us posted :) !!