Saturday, January 31, 2009

World Citizen

The part of California that I lived in, there were a lot of South and Central American immigrants. I for never once had doubted that I look anything else than a pure bred Indian. However, I had a tough time acting dumb with strangers who would break out into a long Spanish rambling with me, assuming that I am of South American origin! The problem had become so bad, that I actually had to learn to say "Na Habla Espanol" to let the people know that I do not speak Spanish!

The past year had been relatively great, and I no longer had to prove my Indian identity. Since the new year however, I have been asked at least by a dozen people in my college hostel if I am "Persian"?!!

Now that's kinda funny. My mirror shattering looks can actually get me into half a dozen countries in the world without being looked at as a foreigner :) !!


  1. So u r from Earth :O
    I was under impression that u from planet Jupiter :P

  2. have u stopped blogging? thats the only way we keep track of what you are up to ....

  3. hey..i guess ur busy these days. Havnt seeen much of activity in this year !!

  4. Sorry guys. I went into self-imposed exhile again. I shall be more careful with my schedule!!