Sunday, February 17, 2008


Oh yeah! I am finally writing again. A 1 month hiatus was a bit too much wasn't it? I actually saw the world fly by in the last month as I literally tried to relax and enjoy California for what it is - a beautiful state!

Lots of changes happening in my life. The Project on which I spent 8.4% of my life (yeah statistics! I know I am good at that ;) !!) is finally getting over (atleast for me!). So the 2+ years that I spent at uncle sam's land are slowly coming to an end. Like the last shopper on a sale, I am trying to grab all that I can. Every weekend is thus spent exploring that one last State Park, or that one last Restaurant that I couldn't make it to, in the last n months!

I made it to Disneyland in Anaheim CA three times. I know thats an achievement for an elderly gentleman like me. Come on, its for kids ain't it? Well nooooooo!! Disney is for people who are still in touch with the kid in their heart. If you guys want advice on planning your trip to Disney so that you sit on every ride, see every show and do all that you can do, come contact me :) !! I have done a PhD in running around there :) !!

What else happened in the last month? Hmm, for me ... well lots of things ... go-lives, apartment moves, dejections, recession and everything in between :) !!


  1. YO! to u too...
    hey...i know the feeling of wrapping up and getting ready to leave. It must be all nostalgic and sad. But dont ya worry! It aint so bad in DES as well. It will take a lil getting used to. But once u have made peace with the crowds, traffic, pollution and dust, it is pretty exciting here as well. Lotssa adventure awaits u bk home. not to mention the interesting persons that are bk here.

  2. Ya interesting persons are going on vacation when am in India :( !! And crowds and traffic is in my blood, you can't take me away from my roots :)