Sunday, July 31, 2016

Follow your dreams

As far as I recall, every kid is told that they can follow their dreams. Somewhere in the middle of your life you are beaten into submission and you follow a safe track for your life. Sometimes you choose it, but most of the times it is the "tried and tested" path that your parents walked on. Get a "stable" job (or whatever that means!). Work a 9-6 routine till you retire.

There are some amongst us, who go against all odds and still follow their childhood dreams. I always am amazed by such people and I have my utmost respect for them. A few years ago (2013), I came across this relatively unknown singer (for me!) and his song. Now, if you read the YouTube comments below his song, they are mostly negative. For me, however he was an inspiration. Follow your dreams. He did what he loved, and he did what most of us can never do. This was his first English song that got my attention a few years ago. It apparently took him 30 long years to pen the lyrics for his first song. That's dedication!

And recently I came across a new song by him. It's different, but mind you, he got a nice voice and he followed his dreams, what many of us dare not do!

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