Sunday, June 21, 2015

Meeting room names

In my profession, I get to visit and meet a lot of customers. And most of these meetings happen in “Meeting rooms”. I have noticed that meeting rooms have a character which somehow reflects the culture of the organization.

If they are flowers, fruits, trees, plants, rivers etc. the organization turns out to be (or at least pretends to be environmentally friendly). If they got names like – MR1, 2, 3 etc then you can be rest assured that it’s an engineering firm run by a strict Engineer.

My company has the names of the islands around Singapore as it’s meeting room names – Pedra Branca, St John’s island etc. And that’s because my CEO is an avid sailor.

Anyway, the funniest place that I ever went to was an organization that had famous movie names as their meeting rooms – “Sound of Music”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” etc. I attended a huge argument laden, animated meeting in which I was a mute spectator while my sales guys defended our stance against a very rude and nasty customer. After I came out of the meeting room, I casually glanced at the meeting room name which said – “The good the bad and the ugly”.

The good, the bad and the ugly theme