Saturday, April 4, 2015

Impulse buying

I belong to the community of electronics buyers that do their complete and thorough research before buying anything. It could be as stupid as a USB drive or something as complicated as a Computer. I spend days researching, reading reviews and going through articles on the internet to really understand what I am getting into. Most of the times, the research is not justified for the value I get and many times it painfully slows down the buying process.

Singapore has 4 IT shows a year. IT shows are like electronics carnivals where a set of electronic retailers come to an exhibition hall and setup temporary stalls to sell their stuff. Sometimes there are discounts but most of the times you just collect freebies that you don’t want. I have religiously been to these quarterly events for as long as I have been here. Though I regularly go to these  exhibitions, I have hardly bought anything without knowing about it before. This time however was an exception.

I succumbed to impulse buying and bought a shiny and expensive new toy. A Bluetooth speaker. A Creative SBS Roar 2. To be fair, I am really happy with my buy. But I was not really looking for a Bluetooth speaker and I hadn’t researched anything when I bought it.

Creative SBS Roar 2

Now, I have generally been a big Creative Technologies fan. So every IT show, I make it a point to stop by their booth. This time, I heard a passionate sales guy selling the SBS Roar 2. He was so damn convincing and so sincere that I made an impulse decision then and there to buy the speakers. I am amazed by his selling skills and continue to be surprised by my gullibility.

Anyway, now I am loving the speaker and it is definitely worth the price that I paid. I am also listening to my music collection that much more often now (and not just stuck to the radio).

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