Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy SAD

Hello all you love birds! Thought I remind you that along with your Valentine’s day today is also Singles Awareness Day (SAD). Reason for hapless singles to celebrate our solitude.

Now now, before you go all sad and start eating chocolates because you are single, hold on. Here is some advice from your favorite Uncle Girish:

For the single girls:

If you are a girl and you are single don’t worry. There are only 3 reasons why that must have happened:

  1. You are just between two relationships. Wait till some guy comes and does the ceremonial dance. You can sit around and chat with your girlfriends till then.
  2. A guy is desperately trying and you are clueless.
  3. Your expectations are so high about your knight in shining armor that there is no one out there to fulfill all your criteria. God has stopped making guys like that (evolution)! You gotta lower your expectations right now!

For the single guys:

  1. If you are young and naive then go read this. You can still develop a core competency and have a sustainable competitive advantage over the other guys. If you don’t understand what I just said, go get an MBA.  (Then you will be old and single and you still won’t understand what it means ;) )
  2. If you are a guy my age and still single, don’t lose hope, it just means one thing – You suck! There is nothing you can do about it. You are destined to be single. So don’t sit and day dream. Move your butt and be useful to mankind by doing something good :)!

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