Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I spent more than an hour waiting for my turn to get my small hair cut further at the salon on campus. 1 hour wait time for what you ask? Well, I actually saw a south-east Asian girl turn blonde!!

This particular incident has kind of made me a sexist. I am now totally against having uni-sex salons. Men's salons should be different from those for women. Men should not be made to wait for women. The kind of stuff a gal can do to her hair, is mind boggling. Combined with gossiping about the latest reality show with the hair stylist, some girls can sit their for perpetuity.

Here is what actually happened: I had to get my routine hair-cut. I popped into the salon and saw an innocuous looking teenager sitting on the chair getting something done to her hair. Since it was only one person, I thought I wait it out. And there is where the ordeal started.

She first got a "hair wash". I thought that is something you do at home under the shower when you are taking a bath. But then, the hair stylist was combing her hair under water for what seemed like eternity. Then the kid wanted a "blow dry". Which consisted of using a scary looking contraption called a hair dryer which actually just blew air onto her hair!

Then all of a sudden the hair stylist wore surgical gloves and took out a paint brush! And then started applying some funny looking liquid on each and every strand of that teenager. I still cant believe what I saw! She actually applied that paint on *every* strand. After what seemed like ages (yeah I dozed off in the middle!) the hair stylist got a futuristic looking contraption from the wall and put it on her head. Finally, her attention turned towards this motionless body sitting on the other end of the room, yours truly, and motioned me to sit on the other chair while the gal sat inside that futuristic contraption. And within the time that they discussed the latest episode of “Desperate Housewives” my monthly ritual was done. Just out off curiosity I hung around for a while to see what the contraption actually did, and lo-behold, the gal actually turned from black haired to blonde inside that thingy (well after her hair was washed again!). Cool isn’t it?


  1. That's called coloring your hair :)... Which I hope you never do.. Bcoz i can't imagine you blonde :(

  2. I think it's all your fault and not of that dream-ful, desireful, ambitious girl who came to the Salon and happened to be the customer just before you.

    First of all you assume that since there is just one customer it won't take long -- you should NEVER assume.(even if there was 4 years kid as a customer before you because kids cry and do lot more nakhra...)

    2nd -- if there was a guy wanting to turn into golder or brown hair then he would also take the same amount of time and same activities. So don't blame a gal who wants style in life.

    And Desparate housewives episode.. hmm no comment for that (may be that talk was just the filler during that time or may be they were trying to entertain YOU :P)

    Samjhe Mr.! :P :P

  3. luckily you were not after me when I did my hair in salon last year
    ..It took a whole working day~!
    Fortunately I had my hair cut short 2 days ago, this time only took half an hour.