Saturday, February 10, 2007

For Feed readers only!

Hi guys!

This blog post is only for those of you who subscribe to my feed using a RSS/Atom Feed reader.

When I started blogging there were hardly a couple (read 2) of people reading my blog. But now I guess the count has increased to a number which I cannot count with one hand (read more than 5) :) !! So, I decided I change my feeds to a more professionally managed site (Feedburner)!

What this means to you?

If you are subscribed to my blog using an RSS/Atom Aggregator (eg Google Homepage/ Bloglines etc), the feed will go dead within a week. You will have to resubscribe to my feed using the following url:

If you were tracking my blog by visiting the site, then there is no change for you.

I am sorry for the trouble! And thanks for reading and keep commenting :) !!


  1. Hii Buddy...

    Well inspired by you i have decided to blog too....but am a lil confused..i made a blog on fine rite?/or was i supposed 2 do it on blogspot??

  2. I bet thats Nids, the perrinial confused Libran

  3. hi anonymous,

    that ain't nids! he is a friend of mine who started blogging on wordpress :) thanks for thy comment though.